Healthy Skin for Life

Welcome to Herron Dermatology, a medical and surgical dermatology practice in Montgomery, Alabama. Our focus is performing skin examinations to diagnose skin cancer and skin disorders.

Herron Dermatology has evolved over the past years, especially after the pandemic. We are unable to offer patients walk in appointments, same day appointments, and urgent care appointments. If you have an urgent need or a skin emergency, please realize that you will need to be seen in an urgent care setting. You may find other practices able to handle your urgent needs.

In addition, there are cosmetic conditions that we do not feel we have the expertise in treating.  Herron Dermatology is a medical and surgical dermatology practice. Dr. Herron is not a cosmetic physician and your cosmetic needs are best addressed by a plastic surgeon. Cosmetic concerns such as scarring, hair loss, and pigment changes are best addressed by a cosmetic dermatologist that has the latest techniques to provide the best results for you. Herron Dermatology is not scheduling cosmetic appointments for Dr. Mark Herron or Kelli Riddle, PA.