Pumpkin Season Is Here…


Did you know pumpkin seed oil offers great benefits for your skin? Next time you are out shopping don’t forget to add pumpkin seed oil to your cart!

Here are some ways pumpkin seed oil may help improve the health of your skin.

Increases firmness: The natural antioxidants and nutrients in pumpkin seeds, especially zinc and vitamin C, help maintain collagen levels to keep skin firm and elastic.

Fights acne: Zinc and selenium in pumpkin seed oil may improve acne symptoms, helping skin to look healthy and clear.

Battles free radical damage: Pumpkin seed oil is a rich source of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, and may protect skin from free radical damage and delay some visual signs of aging.

Deeply moisturizes: The essential fatty acids in pumpkin seed oil help make it a great deep moisturizer for skin. These fatty acids may also help regulate your skin’s natural oils to help control skin that is too oily.

Soothes irritation and redness: Natural anti-inflammatories in pumpkin seed oil may help reduce inflammation, fade redness, and calm other sensitive skin reactions like eczema or rashes.

Pumpkin seed oil is full of vitamins and minerals to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. Try out pumpkin seed oil as a new addition to your skin care routine.

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